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What’s coming next on Dental School Coach Blog!!

Many of you have already finished your DAT, completed your AADSAS application, finishing up secondaries, and waiting to hear back for interviews.

As promised, I will write a lot about interviews going forward. But, before starting to do that, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what topics I will cover. Below is a list of topics I’d like to cover.

  • Pre Interview 
    • How to get 100X better at interviewing
    • How to research the heck out of schools!
    • How to get insider advice from the dental students
    • How to some of the most common questions such as a) Tell me about yourself b) What are your strengths and weaknesses? c)Why Dentistry?
    • How to talk about hobbies, freelancing careers, and skills that are related to dentistry
    • How to answer some of the toughest questions
    • How to be TRULY YOURSELF
    • How to build an unshakable confidence in yourself without coming across as arrogant
    • How to understand the question behind the question and answer the toughest interview question
    • What if someone throws a curve ball at you during your interview
    • How to save money during interviews
  • Interview 
    • What to wear during interviews
    • How to interact with other interviewees
    • How to decommoditize yourself and sell yourself during the interview
    • How to be likable during interviews
    • What questions you should not ask during interviews and what questions you should ask
  • Post Interview 
    • How to send a thank you note and follow up
    • What to do when you had a bad interview
    • How to strategically network with dental students, adcoms and professors after your interview

This is not a complete list, so feel free to give me suggestions.  Just shoot me an email at and tell me what you’d like me to cover on this blog.


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