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Introducing Reapplicant Packages

We know how it feels to get rejected from dental schools. In the last four years, we have worked with more than 250 reapplicants and almost all of them got accepted to dental schools.

The sad reality is that 40%-45%  of the applicants to dental schools get rejected. How do you ensure that you are NOT one of them? Dental School Coach has your back.

As a reapplicant, you cannot take any risks. You should DO everything systematically and correctly, and that is where Dental School Coach comes into play. We have helped hundreds of students with their re-application process and we look forward to helping you.

Welcome to Dental School Coach

Hi, I'm Zia, the founder of Dental School Coach. For over five years, our group of passionate admission consultants has helped over 900 applicants get  into top dental schools in the U.S. and Canada. If getting into dental school is your dream, you don't have to do it alone.

Let us guide you...

Why Should You Get the Reapplicant Package?

Honest assessment of your previous application

Rejection is hard. But, what is even harder is to decipher why you got rejected. We take the guesswork out of the equation by thoroughly reviewing your previous application and dissecting it into pieces. . We review your profile, classes you’ve taken, your grades, essays, extracurricular activities, etc., to provide an in-depth assessment as to what went wrong.

In-depth insights and advice about what you need to do

Advice is easy to give. There is lots of advice that is out there, but how much of it is catered JUST towards YOU? Our advisors are experienced in providing reapplicants with solid advice that aims to get you accepted this time around.

Work with actual dental students who know the process and has worked with the admissions process

At Dental School Coach, we believe in pairing you with someone who actually went through the dental school admissions process. There are a lot of consulting services who give advice that are quite arbitrary and have no solid substance. We try to avoid such situations. With us, you only work with coaches that have “been there, done it”

AADSAS Application

We review every part of the application process starting from AADSAS activities summary to accomplishment description so that your application is bulletproof by the time you hit the submit button.

Rewriting your personal statement

Personal statement writing can be dreaded -  not just the first time, but also the second or third time around. If you had a solid personal statement from last application, we modify it and add what you have improved in the last year since applying. If your personal statement wasn’t quite strong as you’d like it to be, we’d REVAMP the entire personal statement to make sure that it’s solid and submit-worthy.

School Selection

Many reapplicants sometimes end up applying to the wrong schools or too few schools. Let’s not make that mistake again. Our advisors will select schools catered only to your profile and preferences so that you GET ACCEPTED.

Secondary Statements

Much of your success depend on filling out the secondary applications properly. We ensure that you are telling a great story about yourself and why you want to attend a specific school.

Advise on Post-Bac and Masters program

Many of you are probably thinking of taking a gap  year and taking courses during the year you are applying.

Should you do a post-bac or masters program?

What program is the best fit for you?

How to evaluate such programs given my profile?

Do any of the programs have linkage to dental school?

Post-bac/Master’s program Course Selection

Our consultants will help you strategically decide, which classes to take during the program. Our consultants will help you pick the classes that will not only best increase your competitiveness in applying to dental school but also be most useful in your dental school coursework in the future.


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Review & Assessment of last year's application
AADSAS Application Activities Description
School Selection
Personal Statement Editing
Secondary Statement Editing
Mock Interviews
Application Advising
Post Bac / Masters Advising
Post Bac / Masters Course Selection
Post Bac / Masters School Selection

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  • Review & Assessment of last year's application
  • AADSAS Application Activities DescriptionUnlimited
  • School Selection
  • Personal Statement EditingUnlimited
  • Secondary Statement Editing10
  • Mock Interviews3 Hours
  • Application AdvisingUnlimited
  • Post Bac / Masters Advising
  • Post Bac / Masters Course Selection
  • Post Bac / Masters School Selection
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