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Introducing the School Selection Service

Hi My name is Zia and I am the Dental School Coach. Over the last two years, I have helped more than 300 students to successfully get into dental school. 

Dental School Coach has a 97% success rate!

Here's where some of my students got accepted to

 5 years ago when I  was applying to d-school , I applied to the wrong schools. I didn't have any guidance and I applied to schools that my friends were applying to. That was a huge mistake because you need to apply to schools that fit your profile not someone else's profile. For example, my friend Mariam was already in dental school at Penn and she told me to apply to the schools that she applied to. I thought since she's successful, she must know something.


But I wrong. My biggest mistake was that she was an international student, while I am a US citizen. She selected schools that accepted a large number of international students. Her profile was completely different from my profile.


Now, I am grateful for getting into 5 dental schools. But I applied to 14 schools. I could have saved the money not applying to 6-7 schools that were not good fit for me. That's about 900 dollar that I could have saved.


Over the years, as I learned about dental schools selection process, I learned about how to select schools to maximize your chances of getting in without breaking the bank.

For example, you probably know that schools reject you if your GPA and DAT are lower than what they are looking for. But did you know  that schools reject you if your GPA and DAT are too high for them?


I got rejected from Schools like Buffalo, Tufts and Nova, because my stats were higher than what they were looking for. Can you believe that? They somehow knew that even if they accept me to their schools, I'd not attend. Had I known this, I'd have never applied to those schools.


Did you knew that some schools prefer in state students much more than out of state students? I knew this, but I didn't search through the ADEA book to understand which schools were out-of-state friendly.


There are so many factors that you have to look into when you are applying to dental school. It's crazy. How do you navigate everything and still stay sane, especially if you are taking the DAT and writing the personal statement at the same time.


For this, I am opening up the School Selection Service for the first time ever to the public. Over the last three years I only offered it to my paid students. There are just so many students who need help on their school list and I want to help them even if they didn't buy my personal statement service.


I will sitting down 1 on 1 with you via skype for one hour and go over the ADEA book and select schools that will be the right fit for you so that you won't be wasting money applying to the wrong schools.


How do you sign up  for this service?


Click on the link below which will take you to a calendar.

From the calendar, select an hour block that fit  your schedule and pay  on the website. You are all set. I will email you with my Skype ID and we can get started on selecting your schools.


It's as simple as that.

Can I do it by myself?

Yes, you probably can. You can buy the ADEA book for ~50 bucks and    go through the hassle of going over the entire book. You might go start pulling your hair out trying to navigate this book.  Or, you can ask some random SDN personality to help you with your schools and find that you have 30-35 schools on your list. Or, You may even ask your friends who would tell you to apply to the schools they did just like my friends told me.

Wouldn't you want a reliable, experienced source to guide you through the process of school selection?

As I always say " You don't have to do it alone". If your dream is to get into schools, let me guide you.


Get the School Selection Service right now.

Get the School Selection Service

See What My Students are Saying About Me

Irada Rahman Irada Rahman, Admitted to UCSF, Penn, NYU, UMich, Maryland, UF and Nova


You have SUCH a big heart. I can’t believe you actually made a video explaining your comments and all. I am so glad I sent my personal statement to you…

Thank you so so much for your time and effort. Can I please recommend you to my friends that will be applying next cycle? I still can’t believe the amount of effort you put into my PS without asking for anything back. Please let me give you something in return.

Amy Liao Amy Liao, Admitted to Midwestern U Dental School (IL)

If you are confused, discouraged, or lost somewhere in the process of applying to dental school, then Muhammed will your savior. You will have no doubt on his creditability due to his rich experience and intelligence. He is phenomenal when it comes to editing your personal statement. I have never seen anyone who is highly responsible as him and spends a tremendous effort for a meticulous revision. He responds to your email promptly, follows your timeline, and tears down your weaknesses by making a thorough youtube video. I am so grateful for his time, understanding, and compassion. He is the person who not only has a big heart, but also has the sincerity to wish every student to succeed. Love you from the bottom of my heart

Yossi Adler, Admitted to Stony Brook, NYU, and Nova

Muhammed is an incredible resource. He’s very accessible, friendly, and insightful. I’ve shown my personal statement to many different people, but Muhammed looked at my paper and really dissected each sentence in a way that few others can. There was undeniably a lot of time and thought put into his comments on my paper, and I’m really appreciative of him.

Khoa Le Khoa Le, Admitted to UNLV, Creighton, and Western School of Dentistry

Muhammed was a super cool guy when it comes to editing your Personal Statement. I believe it takes more than just effort and enthusiasm to make such nice and great suggestions. I like how cool it is when he actually takes his time and makes a short video clip on how to specifically fix your essay. With your own idea and with Muhammed’s great helps, a personal statement is not that big of a deal anymore. Thank you!

Jason, Baylor School of Dentistry

I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to say thank you again for giving me such great feedback during our mock interview. Earlier this month, I was admitted in to the Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry, and will be happily attending this upcoming August. With the skills that I learned from that mock interview, I was able to become much more confident in myself. Again, thank you so much!

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