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Hi there, I am Zia, the CEO of Dental School Coach

Over the last five years, I have helped over 900 pre-dentals get into their dream dental schools with a 96% success rate. If getting into dental school is your dream, you don't have to do it alone.

These are some of the schools where my students got accepted to

Read what my students are saying about our services:

  • Hiba F. Hiba F. Currently attending NYU Dentistry; Got admitted to USC, Detroit Mercy, Midwestern IL; International Student
    Get Help from Zia!! He is amazing and I don't mean it trivially. I text him and he literally texts me back within a few minutes. He's always there to answer your messages. He was an immense help when I was writing my personal statements. The process was so smooth that even though I was applying later in the cycle as an international student, I did not feel any stress at all. His interview services were amazing. He helps you structure your answer and deliver them in a way that adcoms like. He even helped me for the Multiple Mini Interviews. He's also straightforward with you. A lot of services sugarcoats their advice. Zia will not do that. He'll tell you what you need to hear and this is why he's a great coach!
  • Amy Liao Amy Liao Student at Midwestern (IL) School of Dentistry. Got accepted as a reapplicant and with a 2.9 undergraduate GPA
    If you are confused, discouraged, or lost somewhere in the process of applying to dental school, then Muhammed will your savior. You will have no doubt on his credibility due to his rich experience and intelligence. He is phenomenal when it comes to editing your personal statement. I have never seen anyone who is highly responsible as him and spends a tremendous effort for a meticulous revision. He responds to your email promptly, follows your timeline, and tears down your weaknesses by making a thorough youtube video. I am so grateful for his time, understanding, and compassion. He is the person who not only has a big heart, but also has the sincerity to wish every student to succeed. Love you from the bottom of my heart
  • Justin M. Justin M. Currently attending Nova Southeastern Dental; Got accepted to two dental school (with low undergrad GPA and as a reapplicant)
    Zia’s help with my personal statement was THE reason why I got accepted. Zia is hands down, THE GUY when it comes to helping you create something that the admitting committees actually WANT to read. These committees read thousands of essays, most of which are boring and basically the exact same. So often times, an outstanding personal statement can be the deciding factor that gets you accepted or not. For me personally, it was the deciding factor because I was applying with a lower GPA. Besides a stellar DAT score, a great personal statement is what gets students accepted because, if done right, it conveys to the committee what you are like as a person; which can often times be more valuable to them than anything else. Zia worked his tail off with me. Through lots of brain storming, countless skype calls, and multiple edits, we were finally able to have a finished product that I was very proud of. The value you get from Zia’s services is seriously unparalleled, and well worth more than the cost. He really broke things down for me, and explained the kind of structure I needed to have. Zia just understands the art of writing on a whole other level. Not only is he talented, but he’s also extremely diligent. He put in a ton of effort to get to know my situation, in order to help create a better and more personalized statement. Everybody’s situation is different, and he really works to find the unique qualities of your story, and convey them properly through the essay. He’s also very honest with you. If something is not good, he doesn’t waste your time by telling you it’s good. Instead he lets you know immediately that it needs work, and then provides suggestions as to how y’all could make it better. The difference between what I started with, and the final product is night and day. I could not have created what I did, without Zia’s help, and I would be more than happy to use him again.

Here's What You Get with Dental School Coach End-to-End Packages

Unlimited Personal Statement Editing

Writing a personal statement or statement of purpose can be painful, especially if you don't have good writing skills. We make writing easy for you!

Our coaches will sit down across from you over Skype to help you brainstorm ideas and stories vital to your personal statement. We also make ourselves AVAILABLE via email, text or phone call. During the process, when you are writing your personal statements, if you are ever lost or not sure what to write, you can text our advisors and can hop on a call to "get unstuck".

We also provide tear-downs of your essay so that you know exactly what to write and improve upon. Our coaches provides you with the right structure that will make your essay flow naturally and sound incredibly beautiful and personal.

We represent your true self: Adcoms want the personal statement to reflect who you are as an individual. We want the same. So, through the process, we really try to get to know you so that we can help you write the best versions of your story.


Secondary Statement Editing

Many schools require secondary essays. Do not trivialize them! Even though you have a great GPA, DAT, and stellar personal statements, you can still get dinged if you don't write great secondary statements.

Secondary Statements come in many shape and forms. Some ask very minimal.  Others want you to answer ton of questions. We help with all.

School Selection

Knowing how many and which schools to apply to can make or break one's application. We found that many of our reapplicant candidates only applied to 3-4 schools. Applying to too few schools decreases your probability of getting accepted, while applying to too many schools waste money.

We help you find a sweet balance of 10-13 schools that you'd benefit from applying. We select three categories of schools a) Easy to get in b) Reachable (you can probably get in with some effort), and c) stretch (top schools that are hard to get in).


Activities Description and CV editing

Many applicants struggle with this section, specifically because a) they don't know which activities they should prioritize and b) they cannot describe the activities in a meaningful way.

A major mistake in the activities description is to just talk about what you did and not mentioning your accomplishments or learnings through the activities. That is exactly what we hone in for our applicants. We not only discuss how you should describe your activities but also help prioritize it for AADSAS and TMDSAS.


CAAPID: Many schools require a CV or resume of the applicant. If you are a foreign dentist, you may not know the way American admission committee members read your CV. We help you define your roles and and accomplishment bullet points so that adcom finds you irresistible the moment they see your resume on their table.


Advising Hours

You will personally receive guidance from our expert admissions consultants. There are no substitute to asking a knowledgeable individual who has gone through the same process that you are going through now to help you with the process. That is exactly what we aim to do.

Our coaches will not only give you advice on writing essays, activities description or important application segments, but also provide guidance on your overall game plan and organization. Majority of our students consider this as the most important part of their success. This essentially means we sit down to plan out your next few weeks when you are going through the application cycle so that you are accountable.

We also keep you on track. If you don't meet our set deadlines and dates, we will remind you to finish your essay, writing etc., to keep you on track to succeed.

Mock Interviews

Confidence does not automatically come to people. For many people, it takes years of practice. If you are nervous for your next interview and want to practice how to interview, we got you covered.

Through online Skype sessions we identify your weaknesses and provide feedback for you to improve upon these weaknesses. We also provide necessary and proper structure to the interview answers that adcoms love.

Even if you are feeling confident about your interviewing skills, we got you covered. No matter what type of interview it is, you will learn all the tricks and tips to do well on your next interview.

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We have a 15-day, 100% money back guarantee
Advising Hours
School List Creation
AADSAS Personal Statements
Activities Summary Edit
Secondary Statements
Mock Interview Coaching
Turnaround Time



Purchased Separately, these items cost $3999

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  • Advising HoursUnlimited
  • School List Creation
  • AADSAS Personal Statements3 Edits
  • Activities Summary Edit
  • Secondary Statements5
  • Mock Interview Coaching2 hours
  • Turnaround Timewithin 72 hours
  • Discount20%

AADSAS Platinum


Purchased separately, these items cost over $8000

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  • Advising HoursUnlimited
  • School List Creation
  • AADSAS Personal StatementsUnlimited
  • Activities Summary Edit
  • Secondary StatementsUnlimited
  • Mock Interview Coaching4 hours
  • Turnaround TimeWithin 48 hours
  • Discount20%

TMDSAS Applicants

Please note that, TMDSAS Applicants have to write a separate personal characteristic essay and an optional essay. Both essays are 2500 characters each and require some substantial writing.

If you are interested in getting the TMDSAS add on, click below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the End-to-End Review For?

We don't want everyone to get the complete packages. Seriously.

Usually, students who get these packages want to have a peace in mind while applying. Dental school application can be quite stressful. So, our objective is to make sure that you have a easier time applying.

In addition, many students who have lower than average statistics also tend to get these packages. We work with our students closely so that they have a structured time-framed and to-do lists. We also encouraged and constantly nudge them to ensure they are completing parts of the application on-time and with excellence.

Why should I trust you?

Great question. We not only hyper specialize in dental school admission consulting, but also have gone through the process ourselves. Our advisors are either attending a prominent dental school or have gotten accepted to multiple dental schools in the U.S. In addition, we have experience working with 900+ students from 10+ countries with a success rate of 96%.

Our experiences with students is just part of the equation. We are in the business of building great relationship with our students and in the process helping them to achieve their dream of getting into dental schools. If you need more convincing, sign up for a free 20 min phone call with us.

What if I don't need all the services in the package?

The packages feature the optimum amount of service that pre-dental students would need to put together a well-crafted application. We ensure that you have the best experience with us and hence, we offer bundle options. If you don't want to get everything, you can buy the products a-la-carte. However, we don't recommend it because individually the services will be more expensive than had you bought the bundle packages.

Why is your service better than others?

We believe that we offer a more superior service than others in a number of ways:

+ You have text access to our advisors. If you come across any difficulty during the application process, we can jump on a call/text etc., to help you get unstuck.

+ You have a trusted source helping you throughout the process. Dental Application can be long, strenuous, and often lonely. We take these pains out of the application process and seek to be a guide for you so that you can enjoy the ride and put together the best application possible.

+ We video-chat with you frequently. After each review session of your statements or writing drafts, we either call or Skype with you. The option to Skype is liberating because you know that you are speaking to credible source on the other end of the line. We work to build, maintain and sustain the trust we establish with our clients for the long run. And this trust start with chatting face to face via Skype.


This is so expensive, I cannot afford it!!!

Yes! We've heard that from many others. That's why these packages are 20 to 25% off right now and for the time being.

We try not to provide discount on our services because we believe our services are super-high quality and pricing lower devalues our work as coaches. The prices that you see on the page are already discounted and no further discounts will be provided.

How can parents stay engaged and involved in their kids' dental application process?

We admire you! Many parents tend to take a hands-off approach when it comes to graduate application of their sons or daughters. We recommend the opposite. You know what is best for your child(ren) and we want you to stay involved in the process. If you work with us, you will (along with your child) get weekly updates on the progress of your child's application process. You also have access to our phone numbers and contacts; so, you can reach us in no time.

The best part about working with parents like you is that you know your son/daughter best and can provide input into their application processes. That helps us tremendously and shapes the way we serve you and your child.