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 Introducing Mock Interview Service

Walk into a dental school interview,  wow the interviewers, win their hearts & minds, and get accepted


Hi there, I’m Muhammed Ziauddin, founder of I am a UPenn graduate and I got into UPenn, UCSF, Pittsburg, UMDNJ, and NYU Dental Schools.

Now, I help pre-dental students get into their dream dentals schools!

Over the last two years, I mock-interviewed 100+ students and each one of them got into dental schools including Harvard, Penn, UCSF, Stony Brook, ASDOH, Baylor, Midwestern – just to name a few!


Take a look at some of the videos that I created to help you with dental school interviews


In the meantime, check out some mock interviews that I have done with students in the past. 




Here’s what you get when you sign up for a mock interview session with me:


1. Specific advice and action steps that you can take right now to increase your chances at winning dental school interviews:

Take a look at Kunal’s video. When we started the session, she was not smiling and sounded almost robotic. I stopped her right away and gave her feedback. We repeated the exercise the second time, right on the spot. You will see the difference.

Once you sign up for my service, you get advice personalized just for you so that you can practice and overcome the barriers that will get you rejected.


2. Private Video Recording that you can watch anytime to improve your interviewing skills

When I started mock interviewing service, many people said “You just have to be yourself” or ” you have to be a natural to win interviews”. When I was interviewing Jason, his answers weren’t good. He got a bit defensive when I pointed that out to him. However, later on when he watched the recorded mock interview, he immediately realized his mistakes and practiced his interviewing skills.

And his hard work paid off. He is attending Baylor and I am really happy for him.


3. I am just a text away

My students love texting me. I am available for your question anytime. Just shoot me a text whenever and wherever you are. I respond to every email and text. If needed, I will get on a call with you to answer your questions!!

My students love texting me


1 hour session: $299

2-hours session: $549

3-hours session: $749

4-hours session: $899