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You have taken the DAT, submitted your apps and secondaries, fulfilled your core requirements. You’re just one step away from getting into your dream dental school — interviews.

Dental school interviews can either make it or break it for you.

You want to make sure that you make a great impression on the ad-com and interviewers.

But, how do you do that? How do you answer their toughest questions? How do you stay calm when they throw a curve ball at you?And How do you ensure that you are absolutely prepared for your interviews?

We have put together a FREE 14-day course to help you do just that – IMPRESS THE HECK OUT OF YOUR INTERVIEWER!

In this course, you will learn:

Day 1) How to demystify some of the worst myths about dental school interviewing

Day 2) How to attain the right mindset for the interview

Day 3) How do you 100X better at interviewing

Day 4 ) What is THE secret to winning dental school interviews?

Day 5 ) How to be instantly likable to the interviewer

Day 6) How to Answer some of the toughest, most challenging questions in the interview— Understanding the questions behind the questions

Day 7) Why do you wanna be a dentist?

Day 8) The toughest question of all — What are your weaknesses?

Day 9) What if you cannot fake it till you make it? How to truly be yourself?

Day 10) How to build unshakable confidence in yourself without coming across as arrogant?

Day 11) What should you ask your interviewer? And What you should not?

Day 12) What to do after an interview

Day 13) What to do if you had a bad interview

Day 14) How do you strategically network with dental students, ad-com, and faculty members

The course will start tomorrow! So stay tuned!

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Muhammed Ziauddin

Founder, DentalSchoolCoach.com

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