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Hi there, I’m Zia, founder of I am a UPenn graduate and I got into UPenn, UCSF, Pittsburg, UMDNJ, and NYU Dental Schools.

Now, I help pre-dental students get into their dream dentals schools!

Last year, I reviewed 120+ students’ personal statements and each one of my students got into dental schools including Harvard, Penn, UCSF, Stony Brook, ASDOH, Baylor, Midwestern – just to name a few!

Take a look at what my students are saying about me

If you are confused, discouraged, or lost somewhere in the process of applying to dental school, then Muhammed will your savior. You will have no doubt on his creditability due to his rich experience and intelligence. He is phenomenal when it comes to editing your personal statement. I have never seen anyone who is highly responsible as him and spends a tremendous effort for a meticulous revision. He responds to your email promptly, follows your timeline, and tears down your weaknesses by making a thorough youtube video. I am so grateful for his time, understanding, and compassion. He is the person who not only has a big heart, but also has the sincerity to wish every student to succeed. Love you from the bottom of my heart- Amy Liao

 Muhammed was a super cool guy when it comes to editing your Personal Statement. I believe it takes more than just effort and enthusiasm to make such nice and great suggestions. I like how cool it is when he actually takes his time and makes a short video clip on how to specifically fix your essay. With your own idea and with Muhammed’s great helps, a personal statement is not that big of a deal anymore. Thank you!   – Khoa L

Have you ever asked yourself?

  •  “Is dentistry right for me?”
  •  “Can I get into Dental School with a 2.9 BCP and an 18 on the DAT?
  •  “I need to finish my AADSAS by next week, but I’m still not done with my personal statement. Should I hire a professional to look at my essay?”
  • “I have an interview in 2 days. How do I prepare for my interview?”
  • “I didn’t get into d-school this cycle. How do I improve my chances of getting in next time?”

Or, do you just want to talk to someone knowledgable about dental school admission process?

Dental School Coach is the place to be!

So, your dream is to get into dental school.

Dental School Coach can help you get there.

Do you :
  • Want someone to walk you through the dental school admission process step by step ? (Someone who is knowledgable and has been through the process before).
  • Want to beat the DAT score and improve semester GPA?
  • Need help in editing personal statement and acing on your upcoming interviews?

Instead of listening to college advisors who have never applied to dental schools and have never been on your shoes,

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  • Do you need a trusted advisor to help you guide through the dental school application process?
  • Didn’t get in the first time you applied. Want to take a gap year? Need advice to get into Special Master’s or a Post Bac Program?
  • or Just need ideas for your gap years?
  •  Want to reapply next cycle and want to know how to improve your chances?
  • Want to hear how current dental students have done it?
We will be interviewing current dental students at top dental students, admissions deans, and dental school professors for insider insights on how to get into dental schools.
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About Me:
Hi! My name is Muhammed Ziauddin, but I go by Zia. I finished my undergraduate from the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in chemistry and international relations.

I applied to dental school during the 2012-2013 session and got into UCSF, Penn, UMDNJ, Pitt, and NYU.

Even though, I got into the dental schools of my dream, I could not attend dental school.

In the summer of 2013, right before when I was supposed to start at Penn Dental, my mother fell sick and was unable to work. So I had to step in and take charge of my family.

I had to sacrifice the dream of attending dental schools because of a situation that was beyond my control. So, I want to help people who dream to attend dental school.Through helping others, I want to live my dream that I could not fulfill.

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