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The Definitive Guide to Getting off the Waitlist

Getting on the waitlist sucks!

It sucks for many reasons, but the worst one is that you have to wait, wait, and wait. I HATE waiting. I just want to know that I have an acceptance letter on my hand so that I can start dental school in August.

Well, that’s not how admission committee sees this process. They want you to be miserable between the time you are put on a waitlist and the time a decision is made on your application.

Here are some other reasons waitlist sucks:

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Recent Acceptances

Hi all,

Lately, I haven’t got a chance to write a post. Life got busy, but I want to share some good news about the progress we have made at DSC.

First of all, lots of students who used DSC services got accepted to dental schools. Here are a few schools that my students will be attending:

NYU, NOVA, Detroit-Mercy, Dental College of Georgia, Oregon HSU, Tufts, UoPacific, Western and many more.

That’s a hell lot of school!!! Previously my students got accepted to many other schools like UCSF, Columbia, Penn, Harvard, UNV, Michigan, Maryland, Creighton, ASDOH.

This is a testament what I do and how I do it.

Last year I served about 120 students; But this year, I only served about 50 students. I did so to serve better serve my students. When a students sends me a text/email about their acceptance or to tell me how their interview went, it makes me enormously happy. I love responding to my students and helping them succeed in life.

Over the last few months, I have expanded beyond mock interviews and personal/secondary statements. I have introduced and tested some other services to keep my students on top of their game. I hope to introduce those services publicly very soon.

Stay tuned.



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4 Questions You Must Answer in your Personal Statement or else You’ll Fail to Land an Interview

When I first published “Personal Statement Failure Formula: Mistakes that will get you rejected” on SDN, people complained that there is no formula for writing a personal statement and that your personal statement should be unique.

They also told me that I shouldn’t preach my way of writing personal statements, the way that got me into schools like UCSF, UPenn, Pitt, Rutgers, and NYU. How Foolish!!!

Over the last year, I have helped hundreds of students turn their terrible first shitty drafts into a remarkable personal statement that guaranteed admission.

Each of these 120+ remarkable essays had a pattern.

(Check out Personal Statement Review by Dental School Coach)

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